Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Part of the EDCMOOC Machine

The title of my new blog comes from the video called The Machine is Us 

The video has a clear message that the blurring and blending of human and technological activity that we have now on the internet prompts us to rethink: 


So, you and I are part of the machine.  We're teaching the machine and we are being taught by the machine.  This is very much a part of the focus of study for the eLearning and Digital Cultures MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) that I'm participating in over the next 5 weeks. 

 Here is what I hope to gain, also known as my learning outcomes:
1) Consume media about eLearning and digital cultures as directed by course instructor team and fellow course-takers, and of course my own happenstance
2) Experience making selections about conversations, tools, feeds, and groups to interact with
3) Reflect on how the experiences of those choices and interactions affect the process of learning
4) Create a list of ideas that I have along the way
5) Create a list of questions raised along the way
6) Create a list of technologies that I'd like to try out, or use more 

Thoughts so far... well the pre-course activity was overwhelming in itself.   Thirty six thousand students plus were buzzing with tweets, links, blog postings, Google+ postings, etc.  I had 'Infowhelm' (a great new term) very quickly.  But it is exciting.

I worry that it has been so long since I've done any formal educational writing that I may not have all the nomenclature at hand as I did in the days of doing my Master's in Education at the University of Exeter. Let's face it I could have other worries with this big, unwieldy course, but I'm just going to try to learn and enjoy the ride.

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