Monday, February 4, 2013

It's Awufl and I Want It!

Having just viewed Sight, a film that “the increasingly blurry line between the digital and the material might play out in the sphere of human relationships” (instructors at the University of Edinburgh), my horror is not at the dystopian depiction of this couple’s date, but rather at my own desire to have all that cool technology despite how poorly the protagonist has used it!

See for yourself:

Clearly, I am not a technological determinist in my thinking.  I believe that people are influenced very much by current technology and yet, we have the ability to think critically and make choices.  We have free will. 

I’m not much of a gamer, so the apps for dating don’t appeal, and for heaven’s sake I would much prefer to cut a cucumber without trying to gain points!  But wow the rest of it looks so cool!!!  Do I want a room with no furniture and art other than what is digitally viewed?  No.  Do I want to see that technology and use it when and where I think it would be good?  YES!  It’s really only awful if misused – as is all technology.


  1. Wow. Guilty as well. The whole story kinda creeped me out but the tech was really cool, minus the gaming bits. I think you hit it spot on - "do i want tech and use it when and where I think it would be good?" Of course...

  2. and that's exactly how we all get suckered, Letty :-) :-)

  3. Sign me up too! One thing I liked about the technology was no more silly swiping with fingers!

    The linkages available and the overlays on reality seem so useful. I'll take the game play too ... anything that could motivate me to do housework (or any other task that is compulsory but not enjoyable) should be a good thing!

    It links into the reading from last week about whether the technology is neutral and the user provides the morality.